Alejandro BoricAlejandro Boric (Chile)

The clinical psychologist (from Chile University), with gestalt and transpersonal orientation. He is a member of the Chilean Society of Clinical Psychology, accredited as clinic supervisor. Director of a postgraduate degree: Diploma in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychotherapy at the University Diego Portales. He has been a university teacher at the following universities: Universidad de Chile, Universidad de Santiago, Universidad Andrés Bello and Universidad del Desarrollo. He has been formed in meditation and transpersonal psychology at the Osho International Multiversity, India, and other associated centers in Europe and Brazil. He has also studied with Satyaprem and R. Spira, on Non-Dual Advaita teaching. He is a meditation instructor and teacher of Bio-Dance and Ontological Coaching. He has 30 years experience as group and individual psychotherapist. He is 1st level EMDR therapist and 2nd level Reiki therapist. He has been business consultant on quality of life, human relationships and stress management.

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