Daniel TaroppioDaniel Taroppio (Argentine)

MDP, psychologist, lecturer, he is known for the development of the Primordial Interaction Model of Human Development and its implementation methods, Primal Dance, Organic Meditation, Coaching and Primordial Psychotherapy. He studied and worked with authors like Viktor Frankl, Stanislav Grof and Ken Wilber, among others. Research fellowship at the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research, Cuyo National University, Argentina. Researcher at F.I.D.I.P.S., School of Socio-Political Science, Cuyo National University. Lecturer on Personality Psychology, Epistemology and Psychological Treatment at the School of Psychology, Aconcagua University. Founder of the School of Transpersonal-Integral Psychology, the Latin-American Corporation of Integral Thought and the Integral Studies Foundation, with venues in different countries in Europe and America. He has authored several articles and books.

Web: http://www.transpersonals.com/
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