Gustavo LaraGustavo Lara (Colombia)

Psychologist from the National University of Colombia; studies in music and flute from the National University and Master in Education from the Pedagogic University (Bogotá, Colombia). Professor at Universidad del Rosario (Bogotá) and psychotherapist of transpersonal-integral orientation. Co-founder of Sasana Association of Transpersonal-Integral Psychology and professor of transpersonal psychology and somatic awareness in the institution. Co-creator of Danzar la Vida, system of workshops for personal and transpersonal development based on free dance, music and non-verbal communication. Certificated mentor of Dances of Universal Peace in the tradition of Murshid Samuel Lewis and Sufi Pir-o-Murshid HazratInayat Khan. Certification obtained in the Mindfulness-Based Professional Training Institute by the University of California San Diego (UCSD) for the participation in the Foundational MBSR Teacher Training Course. His writings in book chapters and articles address mainly the issues of body awareness, meditation and psychotherapy.

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