Juan Diego Duque Martínez (Colombia)Juan Diego Duque Martínez (Colombia)

Psychologist from Universidad del Valle (Cali, Colombia) and Master in Psychotherapy interventions from Universidad de Salamanca (Spain). Training in transpersonal psychotherapy, breathing therapy and holistic therapy.
Therapist, university professor and organizational advisor. Academic Director of Sasana (www.sasanacolombia.org) and member of the editorial board of the Journal of Transpersonal Research.
Coauthor of "Epistemological foundations in psychologies. With an emphasis on Transpersonal Psychology”, published by University of San Buenaventura (Cali), 2012
He led the diplomaed training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy (2008) at the University of San Buenaventura (Cali). Professor since 2009 at the Transpersonal Psychology program at Sasana.

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Mobile: +57 310 500 79 11