Maria Cristina M. de BarrosMaria Cristina M. de Barros (Brasil)

Clinical Psychologist (1989) and MSc in Developmental Psychology at the Institute of Psychology - USP (1999). She has worked with Health Psychology in hospitals and private clinical settings since 1992, assisting cancer patients. She is a member of the Brazilian Psycho-oncology Society. She has a Post Graduate certificate in Transpersonal Psychology from ALUBRAT and is now vice-president of this association. Integrates the board of the International Transpersonal Association (ITA) and is currently studying the interface between health and spir-ituality at PROSER, the program of Health, Spirituality and Religiosity of the Institute of Psychiatry (USP), searching for new clinical models of intervention.

Espaço Guia: Rua Pará 76, Higienópolis, São Paulo, Brazil
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Tel: 11-98887-3990