Vera Peceguini SaldanhaVera Peceguini Saldanha (Brazil)

President of the Portuguese - Brazilian Transpersonal Association (ALUBRAT), PhD in Transpersonal Psychology (FE Unicamp), specialized in Psychopathology and Adolescent Psychotherapy (Unicamp) and Clinic Specialist (CRP). She is trained in Psychodrama (ACPS), in Regression Therapy - intermediate and advanced (Morris Netherton), in Deep Memory Process (Roger Woolger), and in Positive Psychology Coaching (Robert Biswas Diener). Author of the books: Transpersonal Psychotherapy; Transpersonal Psychology: An Emerging Knowledge Consciousness and co-author of several books including: Treaty of Transpersonal Psychology; Transpersonal Psychology Reflections and Research in Brazilian Academic Field; Psychology of Consciousness; and Consciousness Expansion. Teacher of postgraduate programs and conferences in Transpersonal Psychology fields in several states in Brazil and abroad since 1988.

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