The meaning of an association is to create a community, i.e. to be identified with and to be part of a group. Specifically, joining the Iberoamerican Transpersonal Association means to harmonize with its values, mission and vision in an individual way, but to act in a collective manner. Therefore, we will love to welcome you if you decide to join us.


Subscription Plans


It is possible to join ATI individually. Which has the following benefits: 

  1. Receiving the ATI newsletter
  2. Being included in the ATI professional networking directory displayed in the website
  3. - 20% discount at any transpersonal conference worldwide, supported by ATI
  4. Getting informed and being part of the activities developed by the association
  5. Getting involved in the assemblies organized for all members

This type of membership is available for 30 Euros per year. This fee is renewed automatically until you decide to cancel it. Due to ATI is a non-profit association, the collected money from memberships is used to organize events that promote the transpersonal vision.

There are two types of individual membership:

  1. SUPPORTER: Any person who wants to belong to the ATI, because he or she feels identified with its values and work.
  2. PROFESSIONAL: A person who feels identified with the ATI values and work, holding a professional accreditation given by the ATI. To obtain such certification he or she needs to meet the criteria established by the Department of Accreditation. Currently we are working on the definition of these criteria that will be uploaded on the web. Subsequently all accredited professional will be publicly displayed in the ATI website.
Duration: 1 year
Price: €30.00