Ibero-American Transpersonal Association (ATI)


The Ibero-American Transpersonal Association, hereafter ATI, is an international organization without any political affiliation, a secular, non-profitorganization that seeks to represent the transpersonal community in the countries of Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula, dedicated to promoting the transpersonal vision in academy, research, social education and health in the pursuit of personal, social and environmental development.


ATI aims to promote knowledge and application of transpersonal psychology (source of the discipline) in different fields of knowledge such as psychology, philosophy, epistemology, medicine, anthropology, spirituality, art, physics, politics, pharmacology, social education, ecology and economy.


The development of a transcendent understanding of human nature and the universe, with the intention of contributing to improve the quality of life on our planet, creating a community that represents Iberoamerica within the transpersonal discipline by spreading this specialty of psychology through various fields of human activity.


ATI seeks to promote the following values, both internally and externally, within its organization and through every action it undertakes:

  • Commitment to the common good
    Transcending our own individual interests, trying to practice empathy in listening to others, putting yourself in the place of another person to understand his/her interests in order to ensure the attainment of a collective interest over a personal one.
  • Respect
    We practice acceptance of personal differences that might come about throughout life, as well as decisions that sometimes have to be taken in a group. When the common decision contradicts our own opinions, ensuring a common decision-making process will be more positive and effective for the best of humanity.
  • Solidarity
    Taking into account personal circumstances, it is important to understand the difficulties that some people might have, adapting to their life situation and helping them with what they need, practicing a spirit of unity and mutual support, consistent with a vision of unity in the whole world
  • Coherence
    In line with what transpersonal psychology promotes, ATI members assume the need to work on ourselves, in a constant effort to make our own life and practices based on truth, humbleness and selflessness, sincere appreciation and stimulation of everything that is healthy and favorable for this paradigm in order to achieve the best values, and transposing them into academic, social and personal areas.
  • Non-violence
    We believe that non-violence is avital pillar of the attitude that guides the principles of ATI’s internal dynamics, and everything that the Association transmits to the world will be aligned with it. The ATI is concerned not only by the human aspect of non-violence, but also that which is waged against ecosystems. We promote a new paradigm regarding communication styles social and personal life, therapeutic practices, education, media communication and concrete action towards all sentient beings, including the ecosystem as a whole. We understand that all work involved in the establishment of a non-violent culture is a common responsibility of any entity related to the work of Psychology, Education and associated areas.